I’m a full stack developer with great knowledge in devops and infrastructure. I’ve worked as support technician, system adminstrator and software developer since 2008. Computers has been my greatest interest since I was a child.

I’ve a broad knowledge in IT and I’m good problem solver. I like learning new things and share what I learn.

In a development team I often work as a technical architect and leading the development.

Some of the languages and technologies I’ve worked with:

  • JavaScript/TypeScript, React
  • .NET C#, ASP.NET core
  • Containers
  • GraphQL, gRPC, REST, Protobuf
  • git
  • Gitlab, Gitlab CI, Github
  • OIDC, Keycloak
  • NATS, Redis
  • Opentelemetry, Grafana, Loki
  • Azure
  • Kubernetes, Containers, Docker
  • SQL server, Postgres
  • Linux, Windows server


Some fun and serious Github projects

Räknas hus

A site for calculating costs of a potential house that I made when my family was searching for one.


A project I helped develop @Divid which resolves paths for node defined in typescript


A very simple webserver that I wrote trying out the c programming language.


A slack bot that parses lunch menus in Jönköping. Started as clojure project but then moved to typescript