This fall I decided to start blogging again and my plan is to continue writing blog posts more frequently in 2022. But I thought it would be fun to share which posts that has seen most traffic this year.

My three top posts of 2021

Typescript ambient module declarations

I wrote this post as I was struggling how to write type definitions. It seems that other people also struggles with this a couple of years later.

ZFS replication from FreeNAS to ubuntu

This was an experiment I did on how to do replicated ZFS snapshot backups from freenas to linux.

Nextcloud with freenas iocage

I stumbled on some problems with upgrading nextcloud to a new version and this was a guide on how I installed nextcloud in freenas iocage.

The winner of this year’s new posts.

As my first post in 2021 was written in the end of october it was hard for any of those post to get in the top three. So here is the number one of the new posts.

Calling printf from the C standard library in assembly

This post has been getting a lot of search traffic and I remembered that I needed to do some digging on how to get the c standard library to work as dynamic loaded library. I guess other people think that too.

What’s in store for 2022

I’ve started to plan what to write about in 2022. Hopefully you’ll see posts about Kubernetes, OpenTelemetry and OpenAPI soon.