PostScript is a page description language optimized for printing graphics and text developed by Adobe. The programming language is a dynamically typed and concatenative. Portable Document Format(PDF) is largely based on PostScript.

A PostScript program can be sent to an interpreter which in the case of a printer will print the document.

PostScript Printer Description file

To describe a printers features and capabilities a vendor creates a PostScript Printer Description(PPD) file. A ppd file works as a driver for PostScript printers as it also can contain PostScript code for invoking feature of the printer.


Common Unix Printing System(CUPS) uses PPD drivers for all PostScript and non-PostScript printers. A CUPS-ppd file is not a standard ppd file because it adds attributes and extensions. For example cupsFilter defines a conversion rule which takes a mime type as input and a conversion program to run. The program in this case can be a vendor specific driver binary.